All About Dizziness

If you feel unbalanced or lightheaded, you may be feeling dizzy. Your sensory organs of your ears and eyes may be affected, perhaps even resulting in fainting. This may be a symptom of a specific condition. Vertigo gives a feeling of spinning, so it is not like dizziness exactly. You may feel a sense of leaning or motion sickness. A loss of balance is called disequilibrium, which is also not the same as dizziness. Real dizziness is when you feel lightheaded and woozy. You feel like you will faint.

Dizziness may not have a serious underlying reason. If you occasionally feel dizzy, it may be due to a minor issue. However, repeated and consistent episodes require medical treatment.

Reasons for dizziness: If you drink alcohol, use medicines, have an inner ear issue, or have a migraine, you may feel dizzy. You may get dizzy if you have vertigo due to an ear issue (positional vertigo). If you have Meniere’s disease (fluid buildup in the ear due to tinnitus, hearing loss, or ear fullness), you may feel both dizzy and vertigo. Acoustic neuroma is another possible reason for both vertigo and dizziness. It is a noncancerous tumor on the inner ear near that leads to the brain.